By: Omar Issa

Top 6 Reasons You Should Get Your CLE Credits Online

You don’t want to be leaving your CLE credits to the last minute. Your job is stressful enough without having to think about frantically ticking boxes before the deadline expires. 

Online CLE courses help you avoid this situation by making it simple to plan ahead and complete your credits at your own convenience. With high-quality learning materials delivered through modern software, this allows you to fit your CLE with your busy schedule.

There are lots of online CLE benefits, and here are six of the most important. 

6 Top Online CLE Benefits

As lawyers throughout the country have discovered, there are lots of benefits to completing your CLE credits online. Here are six of the top reasons to take your CLE credits online. 


Perhaps the best reason to get your CLE credits online is accessibility. Top online CLE courses will allow you to complete your continued learning from anywhere at any time. 

The software is designed to make it as convenient as possible for you to meet your CLE requirements, and you can access it from any device. This makes the whole process much easier and allows you to fit your CLE courses around your schedule. 

You’re busy enough at work without having to sacrifice time out of your schedule, so online CLE courses work around you. Take your courses where you want to, when you want to. 

Approved State Courses 

Each state has its own legislation governing CLE courses. A top online CLE benefit when you choose a provider like TRTCLE is they’re licensed with all 50 state court systems. This means whichever state you practice in, there’s an online course that can help you complete your CLE requirements. 

While some states like New York permit you to complete all your credits online, others have a limit on the number of online hours. This is why our CLE bundles are designed specifically for each state to make sure you complete your CLE credits with minimal hassle. 

We work closely with state BAR associations so you have peace of mind that all your requirements are taken care of. 

High-Quality Video Content 

Another online CLE benefit is the different formats courses can incorporate.

Nobody wants to sit for hours reading through huge blocks of text. Yes, the law is known for thick, information-rich books, but there’s no reason why CLE courses have to be the same. 

Continued learning is there to help you do just that – continue your learning. If we make this difficult for you by giving you boring texts to read, then you’re most likely just to skim through and tick the boxes. This might meet your requirements but it also means you miss out on learning opportunities. 

This is why we’ve invested in high-quality video content (your brain can process this 60,000 times fast than text) that’s as engaging as it is informative. Learning needs to be interesting, and too often this gets forgotten.

Top Faculty 

You should be learning from some of the best minds in the legal industry, so we put a lot of time into curating our team of lecturers.

We’ve got a huge range of different courses that make the most of each of our lecturer’s specialist skills sets. Whatever area of the law you work in or have an interest in, you can find thought-provoking CLE courses to aid your continued learning. 

Our faculty are skilled presenters and are there to maximize the benefits of online CLE.

Daily Courses

Wherever you’re based, you can find daily lectures on a variety of topics. With lots of dates to choose from, this allows you to schedule teleconferences and live lectures that work with your schedule. 

Participate in engaging live events while earning your CLE credits at a time and place that works for you. With courses throughout the year, there’s no need to reach the deadline and have to panic about how you’re going to meet your requirements. 

Instant Certification 

Talking of getting to your deadline in a panic because you’ve not had your credits certified – a great CLE benefit is that you’ll receive your certification within minutes of completing your course. 

You shouldn’t be stressing out about your CLE, so we believe as well as making it as convenient as possible to earn your credits, you should get your certification sent to you immediately. As soon as you’ve received confirmation of your credits, you can register them with your state authority. 

Why Choose TRTCLE for Your Online CLE Courses?

We understand that CLE is a requirement you need to meet in order to continue practicing law. When you’re balancing a busy schedule, continued learning courses aren’t the first thing you want to be thinking about.

To make the process easier for you, we’ve invested in our software and created a huge selection of courses to make sure we’re offering maximum convenience. At the same time, we want to create an environment that makes it easy to learn, so we’ve spent time putting together a team of great legal experts to make our content engaging, challenging, and useful. 

There are lots of CLE online benefits, and we work hard to make sure you’re getting the most out of all of them. 

Conclusion: Online CLE Benefits

Each state has its own regulations surrounding CLE, but all of them allow for a certain amount of credits to be completed online. For attorneys around the country, this makes it much more convenient to earn their CLE credits and meet their requirements. 

Online CLE courses allow you to do your continued learning from the comfort of your own home or office, and most importantly, in your own time. This combined with the wide selection of course options, and high-caliber lecturers mean there are plenty of reasons to get your CLE credits online. 

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