By: Omar Issa

What Are the Steps for Continuing Legal Education in New York?

The road to becoming a lawyer is not for the faint-hearted.

What with four years of undergrad followed by a harrowing three years of law school and, finally, studying for the bar.

Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, passing the bar exam doesn’t mark the end of your legal education. You can continue your professional development with continuing legal education (CLE). While it may be optional in some states, in others it’s a requirement if you’re to continue practicing. The regulations vary from state to state. In some, you’ll only be required to complete coursework that interests you while other states demand that you comply with a strict set of CLE requirements.

Understanding the Continuing Legal Education Requirements In New York

If you’re practicing law in New York or intend on doing so, understanding New York CLE requirements is of paramount importance. You can find a full list of the CLE programs here.

NY CLE Requirements for Experienced Attorneys

For experienced attorneys (with over two years of practicing), here’s a brief overview of what to expect as you prepare for your CLE:

Number of Required Credit Hours

As an experienced attorney in New York, you’ll be expected to complete 24 hours of CLE every two years. Of those 24 hours:
Four credit hours must be spent on the Ethics and Professionalism category.

At least one credit hour must be spent on the Diversity, Inclusion, and Elimination of Bias category.

You may use the remaining 19 credit hours in any category of credit.

Credit Format

Experienced attorneys can take all 24 credit hours online at a recognized institution. Self-study is also accepted given you’ve obtained permission from the NY CLE Board.

Deadlines for Reporting and Compliance

In New York, the CLE compliance deadline is within 30 days of the attorney’s birthday on alternate years. Also, at the time of your biennial registration, you must certify that you have satisfactorily completed the NY CLE requirements for that reporting cycle. You’ll have to attach the relevant documentation as proof.

NY CLE Requirements for New Attorneys

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been a few amendments to New York State’s CLE requirements. Chief among them is that newly admitted attorneys, in their first two-year reporting period, must complete 16 CLE hours per year.

Mandatory courses you should expect include three credit hours of Ethics and Professionalism and six credit hours of Skills. These must be taken in a traditional Live classroom setting. Due to COVID-19 restrictions in many places, however, this can be in the form of a fully interactive video conference, a live webcast, or teleconference. This arrangement will only be in effect until December 31, 2021 (but subject to extension).

You’ll also be expected to complete seven credit hours of Law Practice Management or Areas of Professional Practice. These may be completed in any approved format.

According to the New York CLE requirements, the credits must be completed during each of the first two years of admission to the Bar. Thankfully, TRTCLE’s Bridge the Gap Compliance Days fulfill all 16 credits. This is done through a combination of live programming and online courses.

Overall, new attorneys are required to complete 32 credit hours of CLE every two years as opposed to the 24 hours required from experienced attorneys.

3 Simple Steps for Continuing Legal Education in New York

Now that you’ve seen the requirements for continued legal education in New York, let’s quickly look at the steps you need to take to fulfill them.

Find a New York CLE Online Course Provider

The first step to completing your NY CLE requirements is to find a CLE course provider approved by the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA). That’s exactly why you must consider TRTCLE’s NY CLE courses.

With a history that spans close to 30 years as a CLE course provider. We have grown to be one of the leading online CLE course providers and are respected in the legal community for that. We cover a multitude of course subjects across 40 states and our faculty has over 40 lecturers from every facet of law practice (including judges, medical specialists, and active legal professionals).

Purchase Your CLE Course Bundle

Purchasing the right CLE courses has never been easier. All you have to do is choose the bundle that covers all the courses you want to take. With TRTCLE, you can complete your entire CLE requirements online with the 2021 New York Compliance bundles. These are packed with various courses taught by lecturers that are experts in their fields, our online bundles will make completing your CLE requirement convenient and engaging. You can also opt for our Unlimited CLE package that offers you a buffet of courses to choose from. The best part about our courses is that they are a mix of on-demand videos, live lectures, and teleconferences.

Get Your Certificate

After completing your courses, you will be issued a certificate to show that you’ve successfully completed the credits required for NY CLE compliance. Certificates are sent directly to you and not to the NYSBA and must be retained for at least four years after completion of the program.

Ready to Complete Your NY CLE Requirements?

Completing your CLE in New York is mandatory. If you need a partner to help you fulfill your NY CLE Requirements, we can help you. With our online CLE courses, you can complete your mandatory 24 credit hours (or 32 if you’re a new attorney) at your own pace. Go ahead and get in touch and let’s get you started.