By: Omar Issa

What Online CLE Course Bundles Are Offered in 2021?

If you’re looking to take care of your CLE requirements in the most efficient way possible, then online CLE course bundles could be the answer.

Complete your continued learning at your own pace and make sure you’ve got all your requirements taken care of, by bundling your online CLE courses.

What Are CLE Course Bundles?

Online CLE course bundles combine different courses to make it more convenient for attorneys to meet their requirements. Each state has its own CLE requirements, so bundles are tailored based on the state in which you practice.

Bundles give you the option of gaining both your online and live (in some states) credits and can be bundled together so you meet all your requirements in one go. This allows you to schedule your continued learning around your work schedule, meeting your requirements with minimal hassle.

Why Choose a CLE Bundle?

You need to meet your CLE requirements, and you might as well do it in the most convenient way. The great thing about CLE bundles is that they allow you to plan ahead and sort all your credits in one go.

The online bundles are particularly flexible, allowing you to do your work in your own time and at your own pace, and the live bundles mean you can gain your credits from anywhere. This makes it much easier to plan your schedule and make sure you’re not leaving it to the last minute to meet your CLE requirements.

What CLE Course Bundles Are Available?

CLE course bundles vary by state. As each state has its own requirements, the bundles will be slightly different, ensuring you meet all your obligations in the most efficient way.

Virginia Online CLE Courses

Virginia requires attorneys to take 12 CLE credits annually. Four of these hours must be live, and eight can be completed online with 10 hours being general credits, and two hours dedicated to ethics/ professionalism.

TRTCLE offers three different bundles to help make your Virginia CLE online courses as convenient as possible.

The Virginia CLE online bundle will earn you your eight online credits with modules covering:

  • Asset Acquisition Strategies
  • Consequential Ethics Violations (2 ethics credits)
  • Current Trends in Legal Technology
  • Mastering Jury Selection

The Virginia Live bundle earns you your four live credits by dialing into our daily live teleconferences.

If you want to bundle everything together and schedule both your live and online Virginia CLE courses, then the Virginia CLE Compliance bundle will tick off all your requirements in one go.

Pennsylvania Online CLE Courses

Pennsylvania requires attorneys to take 12 CLE credits annually, 10 hours of general learning, and two hours of ethics. For 2021, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania that all 12 of these hours can be completed through distance learning.

This allows you to complete all of your credits through our Pennsylvania CLE Compliance bundle. With Pennsylvania online CLE courses in “The History, Purpose, and Future of FISA,” and “Future Shift: How Lawyers can Thrive in the Midst of Change,” plus other challenging courses, there’s a lot to challenge yourself with in these classes.

Louisiana Online CLE Courses

Louisiana requires attorneys to take 12.5 CLE credits annually, with 10.5 hours dedicated to general learning, one hour to ethics, and one hour to professionalism. Typically, the state requires 8.5 hours to be taken live while the remaining 4 hours can be done online, however, those restrictions have been relaxed for 2021.

Our bundles allow you to take your Pennsylvania Online CLE courses in two different ways. Either do your online requirements or both live and online in one go.

The Louisiana CLE Compliance bundle 2021 allows you to complete all your 12.5 credits in one go with courses including:

  • Arbitration 101: Resolving a Dispute
  • The Ethics and Professionalism Concerns of Substance Abuse
  • The Rights and Laws of Protests
  • Visual Evidence at Trial: Seeing is Believing

These courses have been put together by our expert presenters to ensure a great learning experience while you complete your online CLE bundles.

Georgia Online CLE Courses

Georgia requires attorneys to take 12 CLE credits annually, 10 general hours (3 must be Trial hours for trial attorneys), one hour of ethics, and one hour of professionalism.

In normal times, six hours must be taken live and six hours can be taken through online CLE courses. A waiver was in place allowing attorneys to take all their credits online up until May 31st 2021, but since that is past, the Georgia Online CLE bundle is the best option, allowing you to earn your six online credits.

  • Conducting an Effective Virtual Meeting
  • Trial Strategies: When to Appeal
  • The Impact of Professionalism on the Legal Profession
  • Preventing Substance Abuse and Suicide in the Legal Profession

These Georgia online CLE courses will satisfy the ethics and professionalism part of your requirements and your six online credits.

Tennessee Online CLE Courses

Tennessee requires attorneys to earn 15 CLE credits annually. 12 of these hours should be general credits, with the remaining three covering ethics/professionalism.

In a normal year, a maximum of 8 of these hours can be completed online, but for 2021, attorneys can use unlimited online hours.

This means the Tennessee CLE Compliance bundle can cover all your requirements with the following courses:

  • Current Trends in Legal Technology
  • Cybersecurity and Technology for Attorneys: Protecting Client Data
  • Earth Law: Emerging Trends in Ecocentric Law and Policy
  • Future Shift: How Lawyers Can Thrive in the Midst of Change
  • Mastering Jury Selection
  • Preventing Substance Abuse and Suicide in the Legal Profession
  • The Impact of Professionalism in the Legal Profession
  • Visual Evidence at Trial: Seeing is Believing

Once you’ve completed your online CLE bundle, you will have met all of Tennessee’s continued learning requirements.

New York Online CLE Courses

New York requires attorneys to take 24 credit hours every two years. 20 of those hours should be general, with four hours of ethics and professionalism (one of these hours must include diversity, inclusion, and elimination of bias).

For veteran attorneys, all of these credits can be taken through online CLE bundles, however, there are some extra requirements for newly admitted attorneys.

Our New York CLE Compliance bundle offers veteran attorneys all their 24 credits, while our New York Newly Admitted bundle gives new attorneys their 7-credit professional practice requirement.

These courses cover:

  • Criminal Defendant’s Rights
  • Trial Strategies: When to Appeal
  • Visual Evidence at Trial: Seeing is Believing
  • Wills and Estate Planning: Asset Protection

Finding the Right Online CLE Bundles

One of the main reasons for choosing an online CLE bundle is convenience. You want to take care of your requirements in your own time, and have everything sorted come deadline day.

Whatever state you practice in, TRTCLE has a range of online CLE bundles to help you meet your requirements. Our courses use modern technology to make them as convenient as possible, and there’s some excellent learning material in there.

To see what’s available in your state, view our online CLE bundles!