By: Omar Issa

What Types of CLE Courses are Available Online for Continued Education?

Planning your CLE courses around your schedule isn’t always easy. Luckily, online CLE courses add an extra level of convenience, and there’s a wide range of options to choose from.

Whatever area of the law interests you, you can find the right online CLE course with TRTCLE.

Why Is CLE Important?

CLE is a requirement to practice law. Each state has its own requirements, and as an attorney, you have to earn a certain number of credits to continue practicing.

When you’re trying to fit in last-minute online CLE courses, it’s easy to see them as a hassle, but they are an important part of the legal system and they can benefit you. CLE is a way for attorneys to share their insights and learn the latest practices, and the right courses can help you improve your career.

Make sure you start planning early and find the courses that interest you.

What Types of Online CLE Courses are There?

One of the nice things about CLE is there are lots of different ways you can earn your credits. With a wide selection of online CLE courses, this means you can explore the areas of law that most interest you, all while benefiting from the convenience of working to your own schedule.

Here are some of the types of courses you can take:

Ethics CLE

In most states, it’s required to earn a certain number of ethics CLE credits. This goes to show the importance of ethics in the legal industry.

Ethics provides the backbone of law, and it’s an extremely intriguing subject. With courses like “Digital Risks to Legal Ethics,” and “Ethics or Justice,” you’re sure to find something that interests you while you complete your ethics CLE requirements.

Criminal Law CLE

Criminal law is a hugely important part of the justice system, and it’s important the highest standards are being met in this area.

Courses such as “Navigating Police and Citizen Encounters,” and “Criminal Law and Procedure” can help keep attorneys up to date with the latest protocols and ensure they have the highest level of knowledge.

Business Law CLE

The business world is fast-paced, and the legal system is constantly adapting to keep up with the latest developments. It’s important attorneys have easy access to continued learning in business law, and online CLE courses allow for this.

Earn business law CLE credits with courses like “Asset Acquisition Strategies,” and “Forming a Legal Business Entity: Types and Structures.”

Family Law CLE

When you’re fulfilling your CLE requirements, you want to be learning about things that pertain to the work you do. If you’re a family law attorney, then TRTCLE has a selection of different family law CLE courses to choose from.

Courses like “Collaborative Divorce: Change the Way They Divorce and,” “Keep it Simple: Divorce and Children” will allow you to dig deeper into your specialist subject and refresh your knowledge.

Real Estate CLE

Real estate law is another area of the law that’s constantly developing. In this fast-paced specialism, you need to ensure you’re keeping up with the latest practices and honing your skills to provide the best possible service.

With courses like “Negotiating the Best Deal: Real Estate Contracts,” and “A Guide to Real Estate Contract Negotiations 2.0,” TRTCLE allows you to do this with the convenience of online CLE courses.

Employment Law CLE

Employment Law and Risk Management for Small Businesses,” “Employment Law Issues Affecting Corporate Clients,” and “Covenants Not To Compete” are all employment law CLE courses that qualify for CLE credits.

These online courses allow you to explore different areas of employment law, meaning you can choose the elements you find most interesting. There’s lots of flexibility with the courses you choose, so don’t be afraid to explore new areas of the law.

Immigration Law CLE

If you work in immigration law, then you naturally want to earn CLE credits that affect the work you do on a day-to-day basis. Courses like “Evolutionary View of Immigration Law” help you do this.

CLE credits are required, but if you’ve got to do them, then you might as well get the most out of them, so make sure you’re researching the right online CLE courses.

Diversity and Inclusion CLE

Diversity and inclusion are a big part of a thriving workplace. It’s important that attorneys are following best practices in these areas and making sure they meet their legal obligations.

Courses like “Promoting Diversity and Eliminating Bias within the Legal Profession” help to ensure this is happening, promoting healthy working environments.

Personal Injury CLE

A lot of attorneys work in personal injury, and it’s important that high standards are being maintained throughout. The right online CLE courses will help attorneys with following best practices and can give them new knowledge and skills.

Refresher courses like “Successfully Preparing Personal Injury Claims,” and “Litigating An Automobile Accident Case” can help keep you up to date while you discuss the industry with other personal injury specialists.

Technology CLE

Technology moves at an incredible pace. It’s not easy for the law to keep up with the changes that are happening in the world, so it’s important attorneys are always refreshing their skills when it comes to the law and technology.

With exciting courses on “Current Trends in Legal Technology,” and “Cybersecurity and Technology for Attorneys: Protecting Client Data,” there are lots of options to brush up on your technological knowledge.

Choosing the Right Online CLE Course Provider

When choosing your online CLE courses, you want to ensure you’re getting quality information, convenience, and value for money.

You work long hours, and fitting CLE courses into your busy schedule isn’t always easy. This is why one of the main priorities for your courses has to be convenience. You don’t want to be dealing with outdated technology that eats up your time. You want to have quick, easy access to high-quality information wherever you are.

That’s why TRTCLE is constantly updating its software to give you the best possible experience. With a huge range of courses to choose from, you can find something that interests you and know that you’re learning from experts.

Online CLE courses are about making CLE simple for you, and that’s why TRTCLE offers lots of different courses through its easy-to-use platform.

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